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It was an honor to contribute to the team behind the creation of the online configurator for, an experience that underscored the importance of seamless design and consistent brand representation. My primary responsibility involved collaborating closely with the Executive Creative Directors (ECDs) to establish and maintain the distinctive Toyota look and feel across the platform.

Working hand-in-hand with the ECDs, I played a pivotal role in formulating the visual identity of Toyota, ensuring that every element on the online configurator resonated with the brand's ethos. This involved meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for maintaining consistency throughout the lineup of vehicles showcased on the platform.

Through effective communication and collaboration, I facilitated the translation of the ECDs' vision into actionable directives for our CG team. By ensuring alignment between the conceptual framework and the execution of visual elements, I helped uphold Toyota's brand integrity across the online configurator.

It was a rewarding experience to be part of a team dedicated to delivering an immersive and cohesive user experience for Toyota enthusiasts. By harmonizing design elements and maintaining brand cohesion, we aimed to create a seamless journey for users navigating the online configurator, ultimately enhancing their interaction with the Toyota brand.

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