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Evolution of BMW's high performance inline 6

The latest iteration of the Ultimate Driving Machine, the G82 M4. It's aggressive lines mirror it's menacing performance on the road. Equipped with a 3.0L S58 engine churning out 480-510 horsepower and a manual transmission, it is a rarity in today's automotive scene. The G82 M4 is the ultimate concoction of fun in 4 wheels

As a first in the series to equip twin turbos in its S54 inline 6, the F82 M4 was able to achieve incredible amount of torque for its time at 406 ibs/ft.

Arguably the best balanced M3 of all time, E46 was the posterchild of mid 2000s German super coupes

The first BMW M3 coupe (now known as the M4) was the E30. The BMW M3 was created as a high performance version of the 3 series.

Handsome proportions, unmistakable angular look, silky smooth S50 engine, and balanced handling all define the E36 M3

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